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Learn how to make the home safer for children

Who have small children are tired of knowing that at this stage they are extremely curious, are always attentive and everything in the environment is great news for them. It is for this reason that home with child deserves and needs some special care to keep the little ones always safe.

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children and safety

Learn what are the main measures to be taken in time to leave the property insurance for the children:


Cover all outlets, and stay tuned to the bare wires. One of the biggest domestic accidents involving children is when they put the finger in the socket and take a shock.


It is always important to place large or nets on the windows. Also, avoid placing the furniture beneath them, not to facilitate the access of small. If you are using curtains, opt for that do not have strings. This will prevent children from becoming trapped.


When the stairs are open on the side, the ideal is to put safety net. To prevent children go up and down the stairs just install a metal little gate that protects, is easy to remove and does not damage the property.


Homeowners with swimming pools should exercise caution. Put a hedge of protection can be a good option.


There commercially available material, made with plastic, which is called the door guard. You hold the door and it prevents it from closing completely. This measure will prevent the child is locked in a room or get hurt, holding his hand on the door.